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taruma [userpic]
Part 2

Ok, here is the second part of the sappy story.

Between Two Flights Part 2 of 4
Author: taruma
Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: FRT
Feedback: yes, please
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant
Summary: The Story is based on the film Before Sunrise just a different town and plane instead of train. Spike and Xander meet at the airport and spend the day in Berlin, Germany.
Authors notes: It’s a fluffy, romantic little fic, human AU. Yes, I do know that there are no direct flights from Berlin to the west of the USA, but I need it for the story
Beta: [info]blinding_sight and [info]realtsunamigirl

The first part can be found here

The bus ride only took 20 minutes and took them through streets lined with apartment houses and trees.

The whole time, they argued about music. Xander defended country music-- especially Patsy Cline-- while Will favored the old punk classics like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols.

“But you can’t honestly say punk is a good choice when you’re heartbroken. When my girlfriend left me four months ago, I listened to Patsy all the time. It was like she was singing what was in my heart, she expressed my feelings.” Xander said, looking out the window, trying to hide the sadness that flooded him for a moment.

Will felt all hope regarding Xander crushed with the word ‘girlfriend’. He took a deep breath, said an inner goodbye to wishful thinking.

Doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time together.

He placed a hand on Xander’s shoulder, squeezed a bit and said softly, “You still miss her, right?”

Xander tried a small smile and answered. “Yes and no. Anya and I would have never worked out. She was furious when I stopped studying in order to work construction for a year. I earn good money there, but she only saw that it would take longer to be a famous and, most importantly, rich architect.”

Shaking his head, Xander continued, “Money, money, money, the whole time. No, I don’t miss her. What I miss is someone in my life. Somebody to share my life with. Someone I love and who loves me the way I am, not some image she has, of the perfect man.”

“Who doesn’t want that, to be loved the way you are. It’s not so easy to find the right one.” Will replied, suspiring.

They got out of the bus at the final station, only a few stations from their start and just walked along the street.

“Yeah, not easy at all. My first girlfriend in high school thought I was a loser and kept me hidden, just to make sure none of her friends found out about us.” Xander snorted bitterly.

“Or this one girl who just wanted sex and threw me out afterwards. Oh, and not to mention my boyfriend in college. He thought one lover wasn’t enough for him.” Xander took a deep breath and glanced at Will. “Great track record of love, right?”

Will’s thoughts had drifted at the word 'boyfriend' and his hope flared up again. “Boyfriend?” He asked.

“Well, yes. I like both, men and women. Do you have a problem with that?” Xander asked defensively. He stopped walking, crossed his arms over his chest and regarded Will cautiously, waiting for the verbal blow.

Oh great. Here it comes. I’m spending the day with a gorgeous homophobe. Way to go, Xander. He mentally slapped himself.

“No. Not at all. I’m gay. There was a girlfriend in school. She was pretty different, a bit crazy.” He smiled fondly at the memory. “But something was missing. I loved her, but I wasn’t in love with her. There was no passion, no butterflies in my stomach and all that.” Will grinned and put a hand on his stomach and rubbed it teasingly.

Xander had to grin back at that and they continued their walk.

“Oh, look. That’s the the church with that hole in the tower, that I read about. It was destroyed in the Second World War. I want to take a closer look.” He pointed down the street.

“Good idea. That’s why we’re here, right?”

“Is that how you knew you were…umm…are gay?” Xander blurted out. “I mean, the not being in love with her.”

Will looked confused for a moment then laughed.

“You mean the butterflies?” He shook his head.

“Not really. I didn’t know until college. There I met Wesley and I felt the butterflies. He was all I could think about. That was when I knew I was gay.”

“Are you two still together?”

“No, we had different plans for our lives. He’s been living in America for two years, now. It hurt like hell, for both of us. But he got a great job there and I couldn’t leave London because my grandmother was ill. It would have meant months of separation and we didn’t want that. He has a new lover, a great guy.” Spike looked at the church with a sad smile and shrugged. “Bad timing. But we’re still friends.”

They walked around the church, taking in the details and sat down on a bench between it and a big fontain.

“Hey, we should take a look at the map. What do you want to see, Xander?”

Xander grinned at Will, thought for a moment and answered. “What about the Sony Center. Did you hear about that one? There are all kinds of new buildings in that area.”

“Ah. The architect in you is calling.” Will teased. Xander tried to look innocent. It made him look like a lost puppy.

Will fought back a moan and pried his eyes off Xander, back to the map. He began to search for the Sony Center. Moments later, he put his finger to a point on the map.

“Here it is, at Potsdamer Platz. Looks like there’s an underground station near.”

Xander lowered his head to Will’s to have a better view.

“Where are we now?” He asked turning his head to Will and they were nose to nose. God, I want to kiss those lips. His hand was halfway up to Will’s face, before he forced it back down.

“Huh? Oh, ehm, let me see. Well, we’re here, Zoologischer Garten. I saw an underground station just a few meters away. Shall we go?” With effort Will broke the gaze between them.

He folded the map with shaking fingers, feeling nervous like a teenager on his first date.

I nearly kissed him. I’ve known him how long, two or three hours? Will took a deep breath and stood up.

Xander was still in his inner world. I really thought we would kiss. Talk about frustration. How am I going to spend a whole day with Will without throwing myself at him?


“Hmm?” Xander was brought back from his inner monologue.

“Shall we go?” Will asked again.

“Yeah.” Xander stood up, too.

In the underground, Will asked the first person they met. “Excuse me. Do you speak English? We want to go to Potsdamer Platz.”

“Oh, that’s easy.” The young man replied. “You just go with the train right from here to Potsdamer Platz. It’s only six stations or so.”

“Thanks very much.”

“No problem.” The man smiled and left them.

It didn’t take long for their train to come.

“There are a few other buildings at that place to see.” Xander said relaxing. He was beginning to have fun. This is so much better than sightseeing alone.

“I think I would have had more fun in Prague with you there.” He admitted to Will.

“Oh, we would have had much more fun together.” Will whispered, than his eyes widened. He wasn’t normally this forward.

Xander felt a little shiver down his back and closed his eyes, blushing a bit.

He turned to Will, opened his eyes halfway and whispered back, “But how much more fun could we have had on a beach in Greece?”

Xander heard Will’s breath hitch, saw a little blush on his cheeks, and grinned.

“Touché. But I know what you meant. Both would have been more fun together. Sharing new experiences and seeing other places. Talking about it.”

“Yes, exactly. And I wouldn’t have stayed in the hotel every evening.” Xander said, blushing again.

“Why didn’t you go out?” Will asked, his brows raised in astonishment.

“Well, most of the people I met didn’t speak any English and I sure don’t speak Czech. I walked through the city all day. In the evening I only wanted to go out and have a beer or just hang out.”

“I had more luck. There were some tourists, where I stayed in Greece, I went clubbing with them a few times. But it’s not the same.” Will commented, with a small smile.

They got out at their station and went toward the area.

Walking around slowly, they looked at the buildings. Occasionally, Xander pointed at something, showing Will parts of buildings he liked or disliked, what he would have made different.

Will listened, enjoying Xander’s enthusiasm. Even though his thoughts were often more focused on the man talking, than with the things he said.

Suddenly Xander stopped, looking up.Will stopped as well, turning his eyes to the same building.

“What do you think of the Sony Center? Do you like it?” Xander asked Will, without taking his eyes from the building.

“Hm, I’m no expert like you. There are lots of windows. I like that. It’s important for me to have as much sunlight in a house as possible. For an office building, it’s alright. But honestly, I never would live in a house like that. I prefer much smaller ones. Houses with character or buildings with a history. I love to look at the insides of churches.”

“Oh yeah, me too. The Sony Center lacks character in my opinion. You know that church by Gaudi in Barcelona? I so want to go there and see that one. I’ve only seen pictures of it, but it’s incredibly beautiful. I bet you can go there again and again and always find something new, something you didn’t see before.” Xander nearly bounced with excitement.

Will smiled, “I was in Barcelona last year for a few days and you’re right, the cathedral is beautiful. The inside was in construction and it still was wonderful. I like all of Gaudi’s buildings. They seem so full of life.

“I’m so jealous. Maybe if I have time next year, I’ll go to Barcelona. The architecture is so great.” Xander sighed.

They walked in a mall, where Xander found a cafe above them. Coffee and ice cream sounded good to both of them.

“There are a few things I want to see here in Berlin. Maybe they’re not that far and we can reach them walking around.” Will said, pulling out his map.

“That would be great. The flight home will take ten hours. I’d love to walk a little before I’m stuck on a plane.” Xander replied, sitting back with a sigh.

“Ok then, let’s take a look at the map. See what we can find.” Will placed the map between them on the table.

Will marked their starting point with a pencil he had found in his duffel bag.

Xander pointed to places he thought looked interesting and Will marked them as well.

A lot of them were within walking distance. Based on that, they planned their tour.

“Oh, look. Here’s the Reichstag, it’s not that far. That’s where the government is. You can go up there and there’s a glass dome on top. There must be a good view over the town from there.” Will pointed on the map.

“It’s still early afternoon. We can go there on our way back before sundown.” He added with enthusiasm.

“Great idea.” Xander answered. “I saw it once on tv. Interesting piece of architecture,” he added before sipping from his coffee.

“Oh, architecture isn’t just your chosen profession, but your main hobby too, right?” Will teased, grinning.

They sat in silence eating their ice cream. But there was no awkwardness in that silence. They felt comfortable with each other, like they had known the other a lot longer then a few hours.

When they finished their coffee, they left the mall and began their sightseeing tour through this part of Berlin.