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taruma [userpic]
Part 3

Here is the third part of my little fic.

Between Two Flights part 3 of 5
Author: taruma
Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: FRT
Feedback: yes, please
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant
Summary: The Story is based on the film Before Sunrise just a different town and plane instead of train. Spike and Xander meet at the airport and spend the day in Berlin, Germany.
Authors notes: It’s a fluffy, romantic little fic, human AU. Yes, I do know that there are no direct flights from Berlin to the west of the USA, but I need it for the story
It’s five parts now. I broke the last it two parts.
Beta: [info]blinding_sight and [info]realtsunamigirl, many thanks to both of them

The other parts can be found here

Their tour began east of Potsdamer Platz, wandering along one of Berlin’s bigger streets.

“Did you always want to be a writer?” Xander asked, breaking the silence.

Will turned towards Xander, eyes seeming to search for something in his face. He thought for a moment, then sighed and replied, “Yes, I’ve written since I was a teenager. God, I was pathetic. I wrote poetry, horrible stuff. Most of the other pupils laughed at me. I was a proper git then, still wearing glasses.” He shook his head at himself mockingly.

“I was the class clown,” Xander said softly. “I thought I was too stupid for school. My father made me believe that. Then Jesse, my best friend, died in a car accident. He always told me that was better than I thought, that I was smart. After his death, I thought I owed him. I started learning in school. Showing the others, y’know, my father especially, that Jesse was right. I graduated second in my class, after my other best friend, Willow. I even got a scholarship.”

“Looks like both of us had a lot of fun in school, huh?” Teased Will to loosen the mood.

“Yeah, we were the stars.” Xander added with a smile.

They wandered down some streets, occasionally stopping to look at different store windows.

After walking down a way, they got to an open square. There were two identical looking churches on each side of the place.

Going around both churches, they showed each other things that caught their eyes or that they simply liked. The similarity in their taste came as a nice surprise for both of them.

“I wish we could have more time to look at the inside of them.” Xander sighed.

“We can if you want to.” Will looked questioningly at Xander, who shook his head.

“No, I want to see the other stuff we marked too. And a bit of daylight would be helpful.” Xander replied with a playful tone in his voice.

They continued their sightseeing through the streets.

“Do your parents know that you’re gay?” Xander asked curiously, hoping he wasn’t overstepping.

“My mother died when I was eight years old. She had cancer.” Will’s voice was low, just above a whisper.

Flashes of memories washed over him. The grey, rainy day, when she was buried. The sobbed question to his father for a reason. The devastated look of his father answering *I don’t know, William.*

Then the strongest memory. The bright smile of his mother that lit her whole face.

“I’m sorry. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love.” Xander said saddened at the thought of loosing his mother at such a young age. He wished he could take Will in his arms.

Will smiled to reassure Xander that he was ok before he added, “It’s ok. It was a long time ago. I try to remember the good times when she was still healthy.”

“Well, back to your question. My father and my stepmother know that I'm gay. The first thing my father said was, *So, does that mean you won’t have any children with that crazy girl, you dated in school. Thank you, Lord.* My dad is great. He’s got a really dark sense of humor.” Will chuckled.

Xander had to grin, when he heard that before a sad smile appeared on his face. “You’re lucky. My parents don’t know. My father would go crazy if he knew that I’m bi.”

“You had a difficult homelife, huh?” Spike asked softly, his eyes showing compassion.

Xander took a deep breath. He hesitated to tell Will something this personal. In his relationships, none of his partners were interested in his past, but Will seemed to be. “Yeah, something like that. My father is an alcoholic. The worst part was that he made me feel worthless. There was a time when I believed him.”

“Only someone who feels worthless wants others to feel the same. It makes them feel better about themselves.” Will felt the urge to console Xander in any way.

They went across a bridge over the river flowing through Berlin and Will mentioned. “You see, now we’re crossing the island of museums. I think we could spend a few days just here. But we’ll come across it when we go back. I mean, if you still want to go to that TV tower.”

“Hm, I’m not sure. Maybe, we just go around a bit here on that little island in the river and than go back on that route we picked out.” Xander mused.

“We can take a short look inside the Berlin Cathedral instead. If we had a day more we could also see the different museums. They’re all right here and I have heard they’re great.” Will said.

“You’re the first person who’s interested in these things like me. Not even my best friend Willow really likes it. She’s more a science kind of girl, but she’s very patient with me. She only rolls her eyes a bit, when I drag her to different museums and exhibitions.” Xander smiled fondly as his mind formed an image of her and added, “She’s really the best friend you could wish for.”

“Sounds like she’s always there for you. That’s important, having someone you can count on. Do you have brothers or sisters?” Will asked.

“No, I’m an only child. I wish I’d had a brother or a sister, maybe it would have been easier at home.” Xander looked away trying to hide the hurt expression in his eyes.

“Never good enough or ignored or both.” Will murmured.

Xander’s look turned back to Will in surprise. “You felt that way, too?”

“No. Oh god, no! But you, right?”

“How do you know that?”

“From what you told me about your dad.” Will’s voice was full of anger. “Parents are supposed to love their children, but some just seem to take out their fights and their problems on their children’s backs.” He sighed and smiled at Xander. “Let’s chase these dark thoughts away with something nice. Let’s look inside this cathedral.”

The sadness in Xander’s eyes slowly disappeared. “Right.”

After the brightness of the sunny daylight outside, it took a few moments before their eyes acclimatized to the darker interior of the church.

They strolled quietly around, their looks gliding from the windows to the ceiling.

Seating themselves on a bench in the middle, they took in the whole atmosphere.

“I love the quiet in churches.” Xander whispered leaning further towards Will. “So different than the arguments and fights we had at home.”

Will’s hand found Xander’s and took hold of it.

Both felt a flutter in their stomachs at the touch. What was meant as a reassuring gesture, felt like more for both of them.

They sat a few minutes in silence, content, still holding on to each other’s hand.

A muffled growling sound was heard and both looked at Xander’s stomach.

“Sounds like you’re pretty hungry.” Will grinned. “I’d like something to eat, too.”

Xander smiled sheepishly, stood up and answered, “Well, what are we waiting for. We need to find a restaurant or at least a cafe.” He turned to leave the cathedral.

Will followed. “I’m sure we’ll find something on our way back.”

On their way back, they crossed the river on a different street, walking along one of the biggest streets in the city and stopping just to look.

“Wow. I’ve seen avenues way wider than that, but look at the trees in the middle. This is beautiful.” Xander’s voice was full of admiration.

“I know what you mean, Xan.”

The nickname excited Xander and he ducked his head to hide it.

They continued their stroll until they found a little restaurant and went inside. Choosing a table they liked, they took a seat.

“I can’t quite get used to not waiting to be seated. They hardly ever do that at home.” commented Xander. “I like it.”

“It’s like this in little restaurants like this one. In the famous ones you get to be seated, like in the States.” Will explained.

Going through the menu, both ordered pasta and beer.

“Thank you.” Xander announced suddenly.

“What?” Will sounded astonished. “What for?”

“For convincing me to come with you, today. I’ve had so much more fun today than on my whole vacation.”

“My pleasure. I’m happy that you decided to join me.”

“To the coincidence that brought us together and to a great day in a foreign town.” Will declared. They clinked their glasses of beer.

“So, you told me that you ex-boyfriend is now your friend.” Xander began.

“Well, one of my two best friends, actually.” Will interrupted him, “My stepsister, Buffy, is my other best friend.”

“You have a stepsister?” Xander couldn’t hide his surprise, “You didn’t say that before.”

“Yes, well, my stepmother, Joyce, was married before and has a daughter, Buffy. She’s two years younger than me. When my father married Joyce a couple of years ago, Buffy and I fought like cats and dogs all the time, about nearly everything. One day our parents locked us in the bathroom, saying, *You are not allowed to leave the room until you two worked it out.* We were in there for about four hours before we actually talked. Then we figured out that we were both okay.” Will grinned at the memory.

Xander chuckled, imagining the two in the bathroom.

They were both really hungry and attacked their pasta. A comfortable silence settled between them, only disturbed by occasional appreciative grunting and the clicking sounds of their cutlery.

When they finished, Xander sat back with a sigh. “That was good. Man, I was hungry.” Looking curiously at Will, he added with mischief in his eyes, “Tell me something. If you called one of your friends right now, what would you tell them about today?”

“Wow. Good question. Ok, let’s say, I call Buffy.” Will said amused, leaning back comfortably. “Hi, Babysis, I’m on my way back and thought I’d give you a call. Oh, I know you hate it when I call you that. Why do you think I do it? What I’m doing? Well, right now, I’m sitting in a restaurant in Berlin with a hot brunet, enjoying some pasta and good conversation.”

Xander blushed, his eyes moved from Will’s face down to the table.

Will grinned and continued. “Oh yes, he’s got a great ass and you, my dear, are so superficial.”

The blush on Xander’s face deepened, creeping down his neck, too, while he listened to Will’s pretended call.

“Yeah, we have time. The flights are postponed until tomorrow. So, we’re in town sightseeing. He’s great. Intelligent, great sense of humor, good listener and very good-looking. Yes, of course, I’ll tell you more next time. Call me the day after tomorrow, we’ll talk then. Bye, sweetheart.” The whole time Will’s eyes never left Xander’s face, taking in his reactions.

Xander’s heart was racing. He likes me. Score for the Xan-Man. He felt like a teenager, wanting to bounce around.

“Now, it’s your turn. You call a friend and tell them about today.” Will grinned. But inside, he felt a bit vulnerable. He had said more than he’d intended.

“Ok. That’s only fair.” Xander took a deep breath and willed his heart to slow down a bit. “Hi Wills, it’s me. Yes, vacation is over. No, I’m not back, yet. I’m stuck in Berlin, because the flights were postponed. I’ll come back tomorrow late afternoon. Well, I’m doing a little sightseeing. What? No, not alone. I met a guy at the airport and he had the idea to look around town while waiting. He asked me to come with him. Wills, I’m sure, he’s not a mass murderer. You see, he’s checking out buildings with me and he doesn’t even think, it’s boring. At least, I think, he doesn’t.” Xander added with a little smile and continued, “He’s really great. Wonderful sense of humor, intelligent, great to talk to. Hm,? Oh yes, he looks very good. You should see his eyes. Like the ocean on a sunny day. I’ll tell you more, when I get back. I’m kind of busy right now. Bye Wills. Say hi to Tara for me.” Xander watched Will for his reaction, whose face was lit by a bright smile.

They left the restaurant, continuing their tour.

“Look. I think, I see it.” Will pointed ahead.

“You’re right. There it is, the Brandenburg Gate with the Quadriga on top.” Xander was excited and walked faster.

Will followed, sharing Xander’s enthusiasm.

Nearing the gate, both took in every detail.

“Are we really allowed to walk through it?” Xander asked, his eyes still glued to the Quadriga above.

“Oh yes, and that’s what we’re gonna do now.” Will declared, taking Xander with him through it.

“Wow. I felt like was stepping through history.” Xander said, when they were on the other side.

Will grinned at Xander’s joy and thought for the hundredth time. It was a great idea, to do this together. I’m really lucky to have met him.

“Where to, now?” Xander’s voice pulled Will back out of his thoughts.

Will looked around until his eyes found the Reichstag on one side. “There. The Reichstag is pretty near. Do you see the glass dome on top?”

“Yeah. We’ll be up there soon.”