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taruma [userpic]
Part 4

So, here is the next one. Only one left, hopefully up on monday.

Between Two Flights part 4 of 5
Author: taruma
Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: FRT
Feedback: yes, please
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant
Summary: The Story is based on the film Before Sunrise just a different town and plane instead of train. Spike and Xander meet at the airport and spend the day in Berlin, Germany.
Authors notes: It’s a fluffy, romantic little fic, human AU. Yes, I do know that there are no direct flights from Berlin to the west of the USA, but I need it for the story
Beta: [info]blinding_sight

The other parts can be found here

It was already late. So, there were only a few people waiting in line before them. A short time later they were on the roof of the Reichstag, after they passed security.

“You can see all around Berlin from here.” Will said, looking down on three sides.

Xander’s eyes scanned the glass dome. “Let’s go inside first. I want to go up there.”

He showed Will the small way, that was spiraling around inside the dome up and then down again. “When we go the way all along, we can see all around the town, too.”

“I heard this down there is the hall where the government meet for their discussions.” Will explained, when they were at the highest point and looked down.

“Really? Are they meeting now? Maybe we can see them talking,” Xander asked, surprised.

“I don’t think so. It’s past nine. A bit late for discussions if there’s no emergency.” Will chuckled.

Xander grinned back, shrugging.

When they were outside the dome again, the sun was near the horizon.

“We can watch the sunset from here.” Will looked westwards and stepped to the edge of the building.

“Romantic much?” Xander teased with a grin.

Will turned back to him, one hand still on the small wall around the roof for safety. He gazed in Xander’s eyes. “Romance is a good thing, with the right person to share it.”

Xander heart was racing again and he moved to stand beside Will.

“You’re right, it is.” He whispered in Will’s ear, laying his hand on Will’s.

Leaning torwards Xander, Will whispered back, “I want to kiss you.”

“Why don’t y…” Xander couldn’t finish the sentence because Will’s lips sealed his own.

Will moved his right hand to Xander’s back and his left rested at the base of his neck.

Returning the touch, Xander’s right hand gripped Will’s hip and his left arm went around his shoulder.He felt Will nibble at his bottom lip and opened his mouth in invitation.

Will didn’t hesitate and slipped his tongue inside. Their tongues met and slid together playfully. They tasted the other for long moments, before slowly pulling away.

“Wow,” Xander rasped, still holding onto his grip on Will.

“You can say that again,” Will replied, still a bit breathless.

Xander leaned to his ear and nipped playfully. “Wow,” he murmured.

“I’ve wanted to do that the whole day.” Will sighed content.

“Me, too.”

They looked at each other in the twilight, before taking in their surroundings again.

“We could go in that restaurant to have a drink.” Will recommended, gesturing towards it.

“Good idea. A beer, maybe?” Xander grabbed Will’s hand and pulled him to the restaurant.

A waitress stopped them, before they could go inside.

“Tut mir leid, wir schließen gleich,” she said.

“Sorry, but we don’t speak German,” both said in unison.

“Oh. Hm, I’m sorry. But we close in five minutes. I can’t let you inside,” The waitress declared.

“We only want something to drink. Just one beer, then we’re out again.” Xander tried to convince her.

“We’re only in Berlin for one day. We just met each other. We may never see each other again.” Will explained pleadingly, pointing to both of them.

“Please,” Xander added, taking her hand in his, the lost puppy look back in place.

She looked at him, then at Will.

“They wouldn’t let you stay. I’m really sorry.” She apologized with a sad smile.

She let go of Xander’s hand. “But wait a moment.” She went back inside.

Will and Xander looked at each other inquiring, both shrugging. They waited hand in hand.

When the waitress appeared back outside, she handed each of them a bottle of beer.

“There are a lot of bars and clubs just half an hour away. You can go there with the bus that comes by at the side of the Reichstag. But for now, you can have these.” She smiled again at them and turned around to go back inside.

“Wait. What about payment for the beer?” Xander asked, holding up his bottle.

She looked back and said, “It’s ok. A little present. Have a nice night here in Berlin.”

“Thank you,” both replied, grins on their faces.

Will put the bottles in his duffel bag. With the elevator they went down again, still holding hands.

Outside, Will and Xander considered their options. Neither of them wanted to go to a loud club.

“Well, what about the park here?” Will gestured towards the park, which still could be seen in the twilight. “We could go there. It’s warm outside. Sitting in the grass, drinking our beer, alone.” He suggested.

“It could be fun, spending the night out in a park, alone with you.” Xander replied, eyes full of mishief and laughter. He tightened his grip on Will’s hand.

As both had hoped, they were all alone in this part of the park. They wandered around for a while, before sitting down in the lawn leaned on a big tree next to each other.

Will pulled both bottles back out of his bag. He dug back in, searching for his keys.

He found them and used them to open the bottles, handing Xander one of them.

“What shall we drink to?” Xander asked, holding his bottle up.

“Hm… to the time between two flights which has never been more fun,” Will said after a short consideration.


They clinked their bottles before taking a swallow.

A comfortable silence settled between them. The only sounds heard came from a few cars in the distance. With a happy groan, Xander laid down on the grass on his back, hands behind his head. He could still see Will clear enough in the moonlight shining through the trees.

“I’ve never thought it would be warm enough to spend the night outside. The last time I did something like that, I was a kid. I spent the night camping in the backyard with Jesse and Willow.” He turned to his side, fully facing Will, his head rested upon his hand.

Will smiled at Xander. This smile was not soft and warm like the ones before. It had a predatory touch to it. He had never been this forward, not even with Wesley.

It was different with Xander. He wanted him. His eyes were full of desire and they were focused on Xander.

Xander didn’t have time to think because Will’s head came down until their lips met.

His tongue demanded entry and with a groan, Xander opened his mouth in response. Their tongues tangled together and played with each other, more forcefully this time.

Xander pulled Will down on top of himself, one arm around Will’s back the other around his neck. Will responded by pushing one hand through Xander’s hair to play with it. His other hand was busy snaking down to stroke Xander’s side. All the while, they explored each other’s mouth with their tongues.

The muffled moans and groans from both of them blended with the sounds of cars from afar.

They pulled apart for breath, both panting hard.

The look they gave one another was full of desire and lust and they resumed their kissing.