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taruma [userpic]
Part 5 of 5

Between Two Flights Part 5, Final
Author: taruma
Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: FRT
Feedback: yes, please
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant
Summary: The Story is based on the film Before Sunrise just a different town and plane instead of train. Spike and Xander meet at the airport and spend the day in Berlin, Germany.
Authors notes: It’s a fluffy, romantic little fic, human AU. Yes, I do know that there are no direct flights from Berlin to the west of the USA, but I need it for the story
Beta: [info]blinding_sight

The other parts can be found here

The morning sun was shining through the trees and Xander and Will sat still in the park wrapped around each other.

With the map of the city in his lap, Will leaned back for a short kiss.

Studying the map, they had found a way back to their starting point. Back to the bus, which would bring them back to the airport. The way led them next to the castle Bellevue, where the president of Germany used to live and the column of victory. They wanted to take the underground to the bus, even though it would only be one station.

Will gave Xander a short peck on the cheek, before standing up and pulling Xander with him.

Leaving the park, they walked around the column of victory and looked at the castle from a distance because they weren’t allowed to enter the property.

Their hands touched almost constantly without actually holding hands because they walked so near one another.

Xander saw a cafe on the other side of the street and asked, “We still have enough time, right?”

“Yes. Why?”

“A coffee and some breakfast would be great and that cafe there looks like it’s already open. What do you think?” Xander pointed to the other side.

Will nodded in agreement, rubbing over his belly. “Breakfast sounds wonderful.”

The traffic wasn’t heavy on a Sunday morning. So, they crossed the street easily and went inside the cafe.

They chose a table in a corner outside in the backyard and ordered coffee, croissants and bagels with butter.

“I didn’t even realize how hungry I am,” Xander said, slapping his stomach playfully.

“You were pretty busy yesterday,” Will replied.

Xander blushed a bit and Will continued with an amused smile, “We did a lot of walking the whole day.”

Their breakfast arrived and Xander took a croissant and put it on his plate before grabbing a bagel and began eating.

Will ate a bagel, too and sipped from his coffee.

He watched with surprise the speed with which the food on Xander’s plate vanished.

When Xander finished his second bagel, he took a sip from his coffee. He sat back with a content groan and started eating his croissant much more slowly, enjoying the pastry.

Will watched Xander eating. How much fun it would be to cook for someone who enjoys eating like that. He smiled at that thought. Then he remembered that they would probably never see each other again and his smile faded.

“That was good,” Xander said when he finished his breakfast.

“You really love eating,” Will teased, smiling.

“Well. Yeah, I admit it, I love eating,” Xander grinned sheepishly.

“That fits. I love cooking. But not just for myself.”

”Will you marry me?” Xander asked without thinking, then slapped a hand over his mouth.

“What?” Will’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Sorry. That just came out of my mouth. My mom couldn’t really cook and the other two people I’ve lived with couldn’t either.” Xander apologized.

“Don’t worry. You just surprised me, that’s all. It was a compliment,” Will laughed.

Why couldn’t I meet him back home? Xander thought.

“It looks like it’s time to head back to the airport,” Will said sadly.

They paid and left the rest of their Euros as a tip.

The underground was only a few meters away and in no time they reached the station were they had started the day before. Will and Xander had no problem to find the bus station and soon enough they were on their way back to the airport.

The whole time both were silent, but this time it wasn’t as comfortable. They wanted to say so many things to each other, but both their throats were closed up. Each of them were wishing to freeze the time at that point.

When they arrived at the airport, they stood outside the main hall, reluctant to go inside because that meant leaving each other.

“Well, I had a great time with you here in Berlin, Xan. It was wonderful meeting you.” Will’s voice was barely above a whisper. He looked back up in Xander’s eyes, grasping his hand with his own. Both their eyes were full of sadness.

“Thanks again for convincing me. I had so much fun with you here.” Xander answered in a raspy voice, he gripped Will’s hand harder.

Their lips met for a short but intense kiss. Then Xander pulled abruptly away, turned and went inside. He knew, if he didn’t go now, he never would be able to leave Will.

Will stood for a moment, staring after Xander. “What the hell am I doing?” he said out loud to himself.

He followed Xander inside, looked around and found him, standing at the information desk.

“Xander, wait!” Will shouted, running to him.

Xander watched Will coming to him.

“This is crazy,” Will announced, when he reached him.

“I don’t want that, never seeing you again. I’d love to spend more time with you.” He looked pleadingly at Xander. He knew he sounded desperate but he didn’t care.

“Oh, thank god. I thought it was just me.” Xander replied, obvious relief in his voice and a huge grin spread over his face. “Well, I have to work in a few days. But I’ll be back at college in about three months,” Xander considered.

“I’ll visit you when you get back. Which university are you studying at?” Will interrupted Xander’s thoughts. “Oh, and what’s your full name?” Will added after a pause.

“I’m at UCLA and my full name is Alexander Harris,” he answered.

“UCLA?” repeated Will surprised.

He leaned towards Xander and whispered in his ear, smiling. “Well, I’ll find you, Alexander Harris.”

He turned and left a stunned Xander staring after him.

Xander’s first thought was, OK. Why did he disappear like that? Now that we both know we want to see each other again. Then he grinned and did a little happy dance in his head. He’ll come to visit me!

“Yes!” he said out loud and blushed, looking around, embarrassed.

Xander went whistling for his check in, got his boarding ticket and passed the security check.

Will grinned, when he left Xander and murmured, “We’ll see each other sooner than you think, Xander.”

He wasn’t really acquainted with the town Xander came from, and California was a big state. But it looked like they were going to share a flight to LA, where Will lived at the moment while working on the script for the film.

To make sure Xander had already passed the security, Will waited half an hour, before he got back in line at the check in counter.

When it was his turn, he looked with pleading eyes and a big charming smile at the woman behind the desk and said, “Hello. I hope you can help me. You see, I already got my boarding ticket yesterday. But just a few minutes ago, I saw a good friend of mine going through the security. It looks like he’s on the same flight as me. You really would do me a favor if you would change my seat to the one next to him.” He was begging, placing a look of despair in his eyes for good measure. “I haven’t seen him for a long time and would love to catch up with him. Please.”

“Well, sir, can I take a look at your boarding ticket, please?”

Will handed it over.

“I’ll see what I can do for you.”

“I knew it was a good thing to choose this airline. The service is really the best.” He exaggerated a bit.

The woman laughed, shook her head and replied, “Normally, we’re not allowed to do this. But in this case… I need to know the name of your friend.”

“Xander. Oh, sorry, Alexander Harris.” Will answered, his smile never wavering.

“You’re lucky. One seat next to Mr Harris isn’t taken. I’ll change your boarding ticket. A moment, please.”

Will was excited. He couldn’t wait to see Xander’s face when he sat down next to him.

“Here you are, sir.” She handed him a new ticket.

“Thank you very much. That was really nice of you.” His smile widened to a grin.

“You’re welcome and have a nice flight.”

Will went through his security check in a trance. Everything around him faded in his excitement. Hoping Xander wouldn’t see him before, he stayed in the background.

Xander was one of the first, when their flight was called for boarding, while Will waited until only a few people were left with him.

It was time for his surprise.

Will saw Xander, already seated, putting a magazine in the security net before him. He sat down on the seat beside him, leaned over and whispered, “Fancy meeting you here.”

Xander froze. He turned his head and stared unbelieving in Will’s blue eyes.

“Wh..what are you doing here?” He stammered.

“Well, same as you. Flying home.” Will replied with a big grin.

“But this plane is going to LA.” Xander gestured around him, his eyes owlishly big.

“Yes, I hope so. I live there. At least for the next few months.”

“You live in LA?” Xander repeated still a bit shocked to see Will next to him.

“I do.” Will said softly.

Slowly, a bright smile appeared on Xander’s face. “That means I don’t have to wait three months to see you again.”

“God, I hope not.” Will replied, thinking for the first time about the fact, that he nearly lost Xander again, after just having found him. His stomach knotted at that thought.

How could I fall this hard in just one day?

He looked in Xander’s smiling face. Well, it’s easy enough to fall for him.

“Good.” Xander said. He’s so mine. I’ll make sure he won’t want to leave me ever again.

Xander pulled Will’s head to his and kissed him soundly on the lips.

“More,” Will murmured against Xander’s mouth.

They resumed kissing with more vigor. Lips smashed together, tongues dueling.

Both forgot everything around them until the flight attendant broke in on them saying, “The plane is ready for take off. Would you fasten your seat belts, please?”

Xander and Will pulled apart, grinned sheepishly and did as told.