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taruma [userpic]
Drabbles/Ficlets from Between Two Flights

This little drabble came up after a comment [info]darkhavens left on the fourth part of my fic.
This is unbetaed. Any mistakes are mine, just tell me and I'll try to fix it.

The whole story is here

OK. Let’s take a peek at our boys a few hours after we left them.
Ssshhhh! We don’t want to startle them…

The hours passed rather fast for Will and Xander. They talked some more. Found out, where in LA the other lived.

A little smirk appeared on Xander’s face and he leaned back over and whispered in Will’s ear, “What do you think is necessary to get grass stains out of jeans?”

“Wha…what do you mean?” Will asked with a frown, turning to face him.

“Well, the security guards looked really amused at my pants. So, I checked and found some grass stains.” Xander replied his head rested on Will’s shoulder.

Will’s eyes widened, a blush crept up his cheeks and he looked down his own pants.

Xander chuckled and nipped playfully at Will’s earlobe.

“I don’t think your jeans have any stains. They were already off, when…” He hinted with a dreamy smile.

A low groan escaped Will’s mouth and his eyes darkened at the memory of the night before. With the blush still on his cheeks, his face was a mixture of desire and embarrassment.

Whoa! He looks so hot like this! Xander thought, leaning back in his seat.

He closed his eyes to calm himself down again.

“I’ll get you for this.” Will murmured in his ear, adjusting himself.

This is unbetaed! So, please, tell me, if there are any misspellings or grammar mistakes. English is a foreign language for me and I like to learn. Help me!!!
Rating: should be FRT, I think
Oh, and feetback: YES, please, any is good

The whole story is here

Will and Xander lay snuggled together in bed.

When they had come back to LA, they had been practically inseparable.

Will had only rented an apartment on a monthly basis and Xander’s had much more space. So, Will moved in with him.

Both were surprised, how comfortable they were with each other after such a short time.

Arguments were rare between them and short-lived.

But all that could end very soon.

Will had finished his second book and the film based on the first one, had opening night next week.

His work in LA was done.

They had known the day would come, but had never talked about it.

“I want you to stay, Will. Please, don’t go back to England.” Xander scooted even closer to Will’s back and tightened his grip around him.

Will closed his eyes relieved, his thumb rubbing over Xander’s hand on his stomach.

“Me neither. I don’t want to leave you.”

Xander smiled and kissed his neck.

When he heard the whispered, “I love you.” he froze.

Neither of them had said the words before.

Turning Will around to look at him, he asked, “What?”

Will looked in his eyes and repeated, “I love you, Xander.” His eyes showed turmoil of emotions, love, desire, devotion and fear. All laid out for Xander to see.

And Xander saw.

He leaned over Will, a gentle smile appeared on his face and he stroked his cheek.

“I love you too, Will.”

The kiss that followed was tender, slow and deep, full of promises for the future.

“So, it’s settled then. You’ll stay here in LA with me?”

“Oh yes!”

After another short kiss, they snuggled back down in their favorite sleeping position, spooned against each other.