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taruma [userpic]
drabbles I wrote for Christmas cards 2005

The last for drabbles I wrote, I actually saved on my computer. I thought I share them with all my flist with permission of the drabble owners.

Christmas card drabble for [info]akinaj. Spander, of course!

When Spike entered the cottage behind his enthusiastic lover he shook his head fondly at Xander.

They had spent hours outside in the snow. Building a snowman, lying on the ground making snow angels and throwing snowballs at each other.

The things I do for love, he thought. Only in his mind he admitted that he had never had so much fun in the snow. He remembered with a smirk the fevered kissing that had destroyed the snow angels.

Xander threw his jacket in a chair and turned to Spike. “Thank you. That is the best Christmas present ever, going to England in wintertime.”

To Spike Xander had never looked as beautiful as in this moment with his eyes beaming with joy, a big smile and his cheeks still red from the cold.

“Your welcome, luv. To see you like this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.”

Christmas card drabble for [info]piksa. Spander the second. Slightly on the naughty side!

“Tell me, pet, why do your kinks always involve food?” Spike asked from beneath his arms.

He lay on his stomach with Xander kneeling above him.

“Well, because I love the combined tastes of you and chocolate.” Xander whispered in his ear, a bottle of chocolate sauce in his hand.

“Now, you have to guess what I write on and lick from your back. A secret fantasy of mine, another unexplored kink. But don’t be angry.” With that Xander began his work.

Spike was moaning after the first word and had a hard time concentrating on the meaning.

When Xander finished his work, Spike twisted them around until he was above Xander.

Xander grinned and asked, “So, what did I write?”

Spike smirked at him. “A kink without food.”

He lowered his head to Xander’s ear, “Threesome with Angel. What a nice idea, luv.” And bit lightly in the earlobe before kissing Xander’s neck.

Christmas card drabble for [info]nashmaveric. Spander the third. This one is the naughtiest I've ever written!

Spike returned to Xander’s and his apartment after a quick patrol.

He had gone after the Christmas party at Buffy’s house. It had been a quiet night. Xander had been tired and so he had gone alone.

Spike entered the apartment silently, not wanting to disturb his lover.

The livingroom was dark but there came a soft light from the bedroom.

When Spike opened the door to the bedroom he froze at the sight before him.

Xander kneeled on the floor before the bed head submissively bowed down, hands clasped behind his back, wearing nothing but a cock ring.

His lightly oiled body gleamed in the light of the dozen candles arranged in the room.

Spike heard a whispered, “Merry Christmas.” And a low growl escaped his throat.

Christmas card drabble for [info]pet_23. It is my first Spangel ever!

“Do you know, what I’d like you to have? Right here on your neck, visible for everyone.” Angel brushed his fingertips along Spike’s neck, whispering in his ear.

Spike shivered at the touch and asked in a husky voice, “What is it you want me to have on my neck?”

“A tattoo. A little angel right here, so that everyone knows who you belong to.” Angel encircled Spike in his arms, waiting for a response.

With a smirk Spike turned around in Angel’s arms and murmured against his ear, “Well, I get a little angel if you get a spike on your neck, showing everybody who you belong to.”

Spike felt the arms around him tighten in response and heard a low groan.

“So, when do we get it done, luv?”