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taruma [userpic]

I wrote this one after having a flooded kitchen at one Saturday late evening.

Mostly for myself, call it my way of dealing with my last saturday evening or wishful thinking. *g*

Spander, not mine and totally unbetaed. If there's something wrong, just tell me!!!
I hope, you like it!

Xander entered the apartment with a grin, happy to be home at last. He had to stay longer at the site because of a late delivery of equipment.

Shrugging out of his jacket he was greeted with loud swearing from the kitchen.

He went to the kitchen with a cheerful “Spike, I’m…” to stand in water.

Water was running out of the pipes at the sink, the kitchen floor was flooded and a cursing and drenched Spike tried to stop the water with his hands at the pipe.

When he heard Xander’s call Spike turned around, wet from head to toe, his eyes wide and pleading.

“Help me, Xan.” His voice down to a helpless whisper.

“Did you call the janitor to shut the water down?” Xander asked.

Spike shook his head his hands falling from the pipe with a heavy sigh.

Wordlessly Xander turned around to make the call.

When he returned he smiled in spite of the water and the broken pipe, seeing his big bad vampire helpless like an almost drowned kitten.

“I’m a vampire not a plumber. I kill demons and other nasty things I don’t repair the bloody plumbing.” Spike tried to justify himself.

Xander pulled Spike in his arms and said softly, “I know. See, this time I can save you from the evil things.”

He couldn’t resist the wet look on Spike and kissed him passionately.

By the time they pulled apart Xander was as wet as Spike and the water had stopped.