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taruma [userpic]
music meme

Ok, I caved and did the music meme too. A friend of mine over at LJ was so nice to give me the letter S.

So, here we go with some music from Taruma. It's a mixture of different countries and three, no I think for languages.

Depeche Mode, Somebody

Depeche Mode, Sister Of Night (I stopped here, I could have ued up to 20 songs just from Depeche Mode)

Galleon, So I Begin, this one always reminds me of thelasttime I was in France in 2001.

A-ha, Summer Moved On

Die Fantastischen Vier or Fanta 4, Sommerregen

John Legend, Save Room

Mylène Farmer, Sans Contrefaçon

Nelly Futado, Say It Right, I really love that one!

Ofra Haza, Shadday, I don’t know if anybody know (or remembers her). She was a Israelean singer and sadly died some years ago. This is my favorite of her. The most known is/was Im Nin Alu.

Placebo, Song To Say Goodbye, This one is for [info]muurahainen. Yes, I like them too. *g*