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taruma [userpic]
Spander drabble

Ok. I thought to try and write something because I wanted to participate.
The people who know me, are aware that I only write in the Buffy verse, Spander (Spike and Xander). I love to read the Snarry!! But trust me you wouldn’t want to read my attempts at writing Snarry.

So, this is unbetaed, beware! English isn’t my first language!
Oh, and it isn’t all that porny (mushy, sappy me again, *sigh*)!

If there are any mistakes, tell me.

On to it ...

Xander lay on the bed, naked, blindfolded and his arms tied to the headboard above him. He shivered in arousal and anticipation.

Spike had tried for weeks to convince Xander to let him play a bit.

But now, lying here waiting for Spike’s next move, Xander didn’t know anymore why he had needed convincing at all.

What had started with a foot massage, light touches and soft brushes of fingers, had moved to sucking on his fingers and tweaking of nipples. Xander had never been this aroused in his life by so little. Not knowing what to expect next did nothing to abate his arousal.

When Xander felt Spike’s mouth on his for the first time since he’d been restricted, he’d loved to wrap his arms around Spike and never let go.

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Wow, fabulous! Spike always has the best ideas

Thank you! Yes, especially naughty ideas!