December 2008
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taruma [userpic]

Two weeks ago I decided to pay a permanent account over here.
I did some thinking and I'll move my things over to this journal. I'll keep the one at LJ, but it'll be a free account (no more paying). I just don't want to loose some people over there that don't have a journal here.

RL is a real bitch right now. But there are some changes coming at work next week and it'll be better, hopefully.

Oh, and I can't wait for the new Snarry_Games to start. *bounces up and down*

Current Mood: tired tired

*bounces with you*

I hope things improve! :)

You all are here. That's already an improvement for me!
Sadly, most of the people of my first fandom/pairing ever (BTVS/ATS) are still at LJ.

I'm so excited about the games! Fabulous writers and wonderful prompts make awesome stories!!!